J. P. International Co., Ltd. is a Japan based exporters of used vehicles and used parts. We are in this business for more than 10 years, & we are already exporting to approximately 20 countries. Our motto is Not to compromise on quality. And that is the reason, our business is expanding constantly.

High Quality of services and Reasonable charges along with our strong ties with Japanese used car auction sites, car dealers and suppliers give us clear advantage in meeting our customers' needs for high quality japanese used cars. All the japanese used cars we acquire, go through a rigid inspection in accordance with strict Japanese regulations, to ensure you get the best quality for what you pay.

Timely Shipments: We arrange prompt shipment along with all the necessary documentation, after procuring your car from the auctions or japanese used car dealers. We make sure all your requirements are met on a timely basis, and all the hassles with customs are taken care of with no unpleasant surprises or hidden costs.

Prompt Response: Please go through our latest stock of used Japanese cars and once you have selected an item, send your inquiry and we will send you our best price quotation immediately.

Participation in Japanese used car auctions: We participate in various Japanese used car auctions for used and refurbished cars. You can select your desired car out of over 30,000 cars at the USS auction site from our site, and we can bid on your behalf. Please check our Auctions page. After Sales Support Our great service does not end after you receive your car from us. We guarantee to meet any of your future car parts needs with 100% authentic new car parts at very reasonable prices.



We export all Japanese brands, & some major European brands.




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JP Office - Japan
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